What is Zoom and how do we use it to teach theory
December 24, 2020
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December 24, 2020

Start of driving lessons and exams

From 11 May, we can start driving lessons again under certain conditions. These are (for now) the conditions:

  • If you (or a housemate) have symptoms such as fever, cough, etc., cancel the driving lesson.
  • If you (or a housemate) had corona, do not go back to classes until 3 weeks after you have been healed.
  • Cough and / or sneeze in your elbow.
  • Before the driving lesson you wash your hands well at home.
  • No things, bags, etc. in the car.
  • The lesson car is thoroughly cleaned after every driving lesson
  • Plastic disposable gloves are provided in the car and can be used on request
  • The use of a mouth mask is not (yet) mandatory, but is allowed. You have to bring this yourself.
  • We don’t shake hands at the start of the lesson
  • Would you rather wait a little longer with the lessons, that is possible. No problem!

Starting Wednesday 13 May CBR will start administering theory exams again. This applies to all categories.

On Monday 18 me i will start CBR in phases by administering practical exams, tests and driving tests. We do this according to RIVM guidelines. The mandatory in-service training and practical tests for professional drivers will then also start.

Theory exams

Theory exams are from Monday 11 May can be booked again in TOP internet. The exams start with an adjusted room occupancy of 50%. This allows CBR to ensure that there is at least 1.5 meters between each candidate.
Practical exams

From 13 May we can schedule practical exams again. We will personally inform the candidates about this. Candidates whose practical exam has been postponed will be given priority.
Driving tests

The driving tests will start again on May 18. Candidates who had scheduled a driving test during the corona period will be informed by telephone and rescheduled from 13 May. Subsequently, the customers currently on the waiting list are informed by SMS. Driving school owners can schedule driving tests from 8 June.

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