1Which package should I take?
If you already know how many lessons you need, you can easily choose a package that suits your need to pass the test. But if you have doubts about the amount of lessons it is better to take trial lesson. after the trial lesson and an intake our instructors will have good vision about what you can do and what you still have to learn. Based on this s/he will recommend you which package is the best to choose. However, if you are a beginner you need between 30 to 35 lesson to take pass your practical test successfully. Most of our students take package 2: 33 lessons + unlimited free practical CBR exams.
2Should I immediately choose a package?
No, this is not obligatory. After you have done trial lesson, our instructor would recommend you a package. You can take recommended package or you can choose another package of your choice.
3When can I start?
Whenever you want. You can already start this week, but later is also fine. We apply a minimum age of 16.5 years (2toDrive).
4Do the packages include practical exam or re-examinations?
It depends on the package that you take. If you take our regular packages 2 to 7 they are including the exams and re-examination. If you choose our action packages with exam guarantee, they include unlimited free CBR practical exams. This means you do not pay (€220 ) for practical exam and re-examinations. This means you will get driving lessons that wil prepare you more than enough for the practical exam, which you can expect at the CBR.
5What if I do not get my first exam?
Not able to graduate on your first try because of some fears you had that day? No problem, thanks to the exam guarantee package you can try again on our costs. We do however ask you to pay for the extra lessons required to prepare you in between the exams. If you do not have exam guarantee than you have to pay it yourself.
6How long one lesson last?
At our school , a driving lesson ( unlike other schools 50 min) lasts 60 minutes and is possible from Monday through Sunday.
7Is it possible to take intensive training?
Are you in hurry and you want to take your driving license as soon as possible. Yes, it is possible to take more than one lesson in a week. Our instructor will train you seven days a week from 07-00 to 21.00 o clock.
8What is better weekly driving lessons or intensive course?
Taking just one driving lesson per week will help to spread out the training and take several months to pass your test. This is why intensive and semi-intensive driving courses are now proving far more popular. However, to do such courses successfully the training needs to be carefully structured and expertly delivered so that no time in the car is.
9How do we proceed?
After an intake and a trial lesson, we will estimate how many classes you need and which package suits you. Our instructor will have a good image of what you can do and what you still have to learn. Based on this we can advise you a driving license package, with the amount of lessons that suits you best.
10How long is a package valide?
A student should complete all of his / her lessons in the package within 18 months starting from the first lesson. If not, the exam guarantee will be expired and you will have only 1 exam. We want to ensure that the student takes structural lessons.
11Is trial lesson free?
If you decide to book a driving course which consists of at least 15 lessons, we’ll refund the € 40 of the intake lesson. In that case, the intake is completely FREE!
12What is the exchange procedure of foreign driving licence?
A direct exchange of a foreign driving licence for a Dutch driving licence is only possible for full valid national driving licences and only if this licence was issued by a country in one of the following groups or if the holder or a registered member of their family qualifies for the 30% Tax Ruling.
13The EU/EFTA Member Group
Holders of a driving licence issued by the authority in any of the EU/EEA Member Group Countries mentioned above, may continue to drive with that full valid national licence, during the first ten years of their registered stay in The Netherlands; before that period elapses an application for an exchange of that driving licence has to be submitted. Aruba, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dutch Antilles, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Isles of Man, Republic of Ireland, Iceland, Isle of Man, Italy, States of Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Northern Ireland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Republic of Cyprus, Romania, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, States of Jersey, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.
14The Bilateral Agreement Group
Driving licences from the following countries can only be exchanged if valid for the following categories: Andorra, Canada (Province of Quebec), Israel, South Korea and Taiwan for Dutch category B only; Japan 1B ( passenger car and motorcycle > 400 cc) for Dutch categories A and B only; Singapore Class 2 ( motorcycle > 400 cc) and Class 3 (passenger car) for Dutch categories A and B only.
15Residents with the 30% Tax Ruling
Persons with the 30% Tax Ruling must present their driving licence, together with proof of the 30% tax ruling, to their local Municipality. This also extends to registered members of the family visa versa. In all cases the holder of the licence presented for an exchange must convince the authorities that in the year immediately preceding the date of issue there was a continuous period of residency of 185 days or more in that country from which the licence was issued.
16How to obtaining a Dutch Drivers License
Driver’s licenses issued in an EU member state, Lichtenstein, Norway or Iceland, are valid in the Netherlands. Driver’s licenses issued in all other countries can only be used for 185 days after making residence in the Netherlands, after which you will need to apply for a Dutch driver’s license.
17How many Questions do I get for CBR theory test?
This test contains 65 questions and is divided into two parts: Part 1: 25 hazard perception questions, for which the pass mark is 13 out of 25. Part 2: 30 questions about the traffic regulations/rules 10 questions relating to traffic insight, for which the pass mark is 35 out of 40. To pass you must have scored sufficiently for both parts, otherwise the complete test will have to be taken again. These topics are presented to you on your personal computer with a touch screen, showing the relevant picture and the accompanying question answer text blocks.
18Where can I take theory test?
You can take the test at the following CBR centres: Alkmaar (Olympiaweg 28) Amsterdam (Naritaweg 150) Apeldoorn (Wilmersdorf 1) Arnhem (Hazenkamp 10) Assen (Overcingellaan 13) Barendrecht (Zwaalweg 1) Bergen Op Zoom (Gagelboslaan 162) Berkel-Enschot (Bosscheweg 11) Breda (Galderseweg 55) Deventer (Duisburgstraat 10) Doetinchem (Kruisbergseweg 172) Dordrecht (Egstraat 4) Eindhoven (Hoevenweg 20) Enschede (Burgemeester Stroinkstraat 300) Goes (M.A. de Ruijterlaan 2) Goes (Verrijn Stuartweg 18) Groningen (Protonstraat 3) Haarlem (Professor Eijkmanlaan 2-4) Heerlen (Oud Valkenhuizerstraat 2-4) Hoogeveen (Grote Beer 20) Horn Limburg (Rijksweg 7B) Leeuwarden (Orionweg 49) Leiden (Smaragdlaan 99A) Leusden (Fokkerstraat 21) Maastricht (Stadionplein 12) Maastricht (Stadionplein 34) Nijmegen (Energieweg 63) Rijswijk Zh (Lange Kleiweg 30) Rotterdam (Noorderbocht 25) Schelluinen (Sportlaan 2A) ‘s-Hertogenbosch (Victorialaan 21) Terneuzen (Churchilllaan 700A) Utrecht (Mississippidreef 151) Venlo-Blerick (Antoniusplein 2) Zwolle (Branderweg 15) Zwolle (Van Wevelinkhovenstraat 105)

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